Tuesday, October 14, 2008


May 2008

well here I am driving & writing again...i just seem to have time to think when in the car....so I am returning from an incredible mini vacation to the beach...my favorite place on earth....my son & I played for hours out on the sandy white beaches & while the God sized sand box is absolutely amazing the thing I enjoy the most is the water...the way it sounds...the way it feels...the way it moves....it's unfathomable size...i can't help but think of the words of a friend who described God's grace like ocean waves....it keeps coming & coming! even at the most calm sea the water still flows toward the beach! Beautiful! I'm so thankful! Thankful for His never ending grace. For it is only by His grace we experience a different life....we all fall short, many of you have seen me at my worst but praise God he washes the worst away! He truly is my joy! He continues to bless me by His grace!! So driving back to reality from vacation is not so exciting but I continue to be excited about the future God has in store for me! forever changed by His grace- JJ

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