Tuesday, October 14, 2008


April 2008

Though I have always felt at home in Atlanta and want to one day live there again returning home was such a sweet reunion with my son...you see he is almost 5 but makes the most profound statements sometimes :) as I drove home yesterday I continued to wrestle with the thoughts going thru my head of what my next steps are...for a couple of weeks now everytime I consider job opportunites for the future I just am drawn to opportunities that will directly impact the Kingdom...so as I don't know what that necessarily is or looks like right now I am waiting on the Lord to lead me to that! so in the waiting I am sitting here this morning reading, thinking, listening....as I have said before I have been studying the life of David and now I am at the end of David's life and he is speaking to Solomon giving him final instructions....he of course tells him to follow the ways of the Lord but he also talks about his descendants and the promise the Lord made to him that "if your descendants follow me faithfully with all their hearts one of them will always sit on the throne of Israel." so reading this just lead me to think more about my son....as I was reading thinking about ministry opportunities...thinking about the homeless, the children that are so deprived all over the world, the many different mission opportunites that so grab my heart- in walks my son and he says "mommy, my sock has a hole in it....but it's ok...thank you for my socks mommy....you are so thoughtful." first of all I didn't even know that my son knew the word "thoughtful" and second I was remembering what a mission field I have right here with him..& of course i'm getting long winded but I just wanted to ponder the concept of legacy and what I can do to expand my 5 year olds view of this world...of his God and his need for the Creator....woo hoo...God is good & I will forever praise Him!

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